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What do we need?

We will need a few things from you, to get the ball rolling, on your bathroom design. Firstly we would like you to come to the showroom so we can get on the same page about what you are looking for i.e Modern or traditional fitted furniture or free standing etc.

Next, we will need an accurate measurement of the room to hand. Preferably with as much information as possible. For instance, Boiler type, external walls, and soil pipe location e.g floor or wall access.

What to Expect?

With our quotation, you will also receive a detailed to-scale line drawing. Which with over 25 years of experience in bathroom design, you can draw comfort from knowing that all will fit according to plan.

Why do we need them?

We request accurate measurements with as much information as possible, so we may reliably quote a bathroom suite for your space without any unexpected bumps in the road.


Please use link below to get your copy of our line drawing instructions.



Our 3D designs provide a visual representation of how we expect the final product to be. This is a chargeable service the price of which we deduct from your final bill providing you order your products through us. 

CAD Example for website 3.jpg
CAD Example for website 2.jpg

Why do we do them?

At Phillips we want you to be able to picture yourself in your future bathroom. We know renovating your home can be full of heartache and woe. Although we are here to help you through these times keeping the image of your bathroom dream to hand can help motivate you through those rough spots. 

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