The most important thing to think about at the very, beginning is what space do you have to work with?

What size is the bathroom? are there windows in certain places? is the room oddly shaped?


Knowing these details down to the millimetres ensures that when you come to choose your product you're not wasting your own time. In case you have chosen something that you later find out won't work, or you purchase something your fitter cannot use


so knowing the room dimensions, and door and window placement is very important. make sure you measure using millimetres, as in this trade that is predominantly use that class of measurement.


Here is an example of a drawing of a bathroom with measurements  






















Structural Design 

Knowing the internal structural design of your bathroom is essential for a fast easy fit. This helps your fitter save time and you save money


Are there any joists? if so where are they?

(this information is for your fitter as they will need to know if there are joists under the floor when they come to fit the waste in an upstairs bathroom)


What type of boiler system do you have?

(Your boiler system tells us what kind of water pressure you have, which then tells us what kind of tap/shower you can use. This is measured in Bars)


Where is your waste pipe?

(If we know where your waste pipe is we can advise you properly and what kind of toilet you can or can not have.)


Are the walls solid brick, or stud walls?

(this is for anything that has to go into a wall E.g - showers valves, wall mounted taps, grab rails etc. this helps us know if the wall is suitable for such products)


Hot Water System

What are the types of hot water systems? and how do I tell what I have?

Hover over the description below to help find out what system you currently have.


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